EPIC Espresso and Root Beer Floats!

Hello from Revel 77!

June has been a fun month at Revel 77, and we’re excited for July!

Speaking of July… we will be closed on the 4thof July!

We hope you all have a great time at the lake (or wherever). Just don’t come here. I mean, you could. But you’d have to hang out outside. By yourself. Don’t do that. 

What’s on Espresso? 

Right now we’ve got 49th Parallel’s EPIC espresso on bar. It is a delicious light roast that is floral, clean, and has a natural sweetness to it.

49th Parallel

Light roast espresso lovers, this is your jam!

After that, we’ll be putting on their single origin Nicaragua. 

This medium roast espresso has flavors of chamomile, stone fruit, and brandy. Mmmm…

Finally, we have our workhorse on as well, Vito’s by DOMA. It is chocolatey and smoky, without being burnt. There's a reason it is our workhorse :)

Root beer floats! 

Maybe you’ve seen our jazzy video on the Revel 77 Facebook page.

These particular floats have—you may have guessed it—a bit of coffee. It starts with a shot of cold brew—made from natural process Ethiopia from DOMA.

We add a pour of Virgil’s root beer, for that strong sarsaparilla flavor.

Then the good stuff: we’ve subbed out ice cream for sweetened, whipped, heavy cream- made when you order it. 

You’re welcome.

It’s rich, delicious, and energizing.

You’ve got to try it.

Sound panels!

You may have noticed some subtle, white squares on the walls of Revel in the last week.


These are our new sound panels, which deaden some of that echo when the shop gets busy and loud. 

Or when Sean laughs.

(Don’t worry, that’s a Sean-approved joke.)

Hanging the panels took one man (Sean).

One late night.

One Genie lift.

And several hundred-point turns to drive around the bolted community table.

Bring a group of your loudest-laughing friends to test them out!

That’s about it for now. Which is plenty. 

Come on by and check out all the exciting things we have brewing (pun intended). 

See you soon.