New Drinks, New Barista!

We’ve crafted some great signature drinks for these dark and foggy winter days.

We’ll get to those in a second…

First, we have a new barista!

Meet Nick Mann!


Nick joined Revel 77 in January 2019. He's a talented barista, a lot of fun, and we are super excited to have him at Revel.

Come and meet the new guy!

New Signature Drinks!

Our master barista, Kaitlyn Blom, and team have come up with a delicious set of speciality drinks to fight off the winter grays.

Black Forest Mocha

  • This mocha features a house-made chocolate cherry syrup, and garnished with dash of dark chocolate. 

The Dark and Foggy

  • A tea latte made with a british breakfast tea from Smith Teamakers, and our housemade vanilla ginger syrup. 

24K Gold Milk Latte

  • Fight off those wintery bugs with this golden, turmeric latte. Your choice of milk, honey, and a spicy turmeric mix, steam together for your pleasure. 

Come get one today!

We have a lot more going on in February, so keep an eye out for more updates.

Until then, stay warm, and stay caffeinated!