Power Up with Some Cold Brew Lemonade

Hello from Revel 77!

The weather’s upped its temperature, and we’ve upped our cold brew game. We’re talking COLD BREW LEMONADE! 

We’ve had to buy soooo many lemons…

More on that later. 

Visit the shop this week for some AC and a break from the smoke!

What’s on Espresso?

We have a single origin Nicaraguan form 49th Parallel on espresso. This espresso is big, velvety and full. It has flavors of chamomile and stone fruit. 

It’s a must try!

Cold Brew Lemonade

Is it cold brew?

Is it lemonade?

Yes. And more. 


It’s the best of both worlds, and super refreshing! 

If you like Arnold Palmer’s, you’ll love this. It’s similar, except we swap out the black tea with cold brew. 

We start by combining cold brew with a house-made lemonade concoction. We zest and squeeze our own lemons, and then add a bit of tonic, giving it a fizzy bite. 

The effect is a drink that’s bright and crisp with lots of warmth from the coffee. 

Our cold brew lemonade will get you where you need to go. And then back. And then some more. 

Try it this week for a boost of energy before yardwork, or to get your coffee buzz on for a day at the lake!

Art and such

Our new art from the Spokane Camera Club is up around the shop. It’s a selection of beautiful floral shots, in both monotone and color. 

As always, this display art is for sale. 

Next time you’re in, stop to smell—view?—the flowers!

See you soon!

The Revel 77 Crew